About This Site

In a local response to the wide reaching effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Barossa Council, supported by the Southern Barossa Alliance, Tourism Barossa, Feros Care, Barossa Health Advisory Council and RDA Barossa are pleased to be launching a platform, aptly known as Barossa Cares, to connect vulnerable community members with the services they need most during this crisis. 

The aim of the Barossa Cares Platform online is to:

  • Engage community supports to ensure that Barossans in need can access the practical support they need
  • Provide access to a wide range of trustworthy support providers both on a local and state level
  • Promote community engagement through connectivity and kindness

The platform also aims to connect volunteers with existing organisations that may be requiring additional volunteers to assist with delivering support or services to those in need.

Community members who themselves are looking for information and assistance, or know of elderly and/or vulnerable persons who need to connect, can also use this online resource.

The overarching strategy is to provide an E-Community on-line hub that enables our community to continue to function effectively during the crisis, and particularly to provide care and support for those in need such as the elderly and vulnerable.

The intent is to develop a trusted, centralised Hub to provide…

  • Accurate news updates
  • Direct visitors to support resources and contacts
  • Allow administrators to route enquiries, manage volunteers and facilitate communication pertaining to updates and issues, community generosity and kindness.

In times of crisis, a broad centralised trusted Hub is essential to address the needs of multiple audiences.

The scope of the Barossa Community Crisis Hub includes…

  • Access to local and regional news and information
  • Access to the latest COVID-19 SA Health information
  • Request Help and Support
  • Give Help and Support
  • Chat/Socialise on local matters with forum discussions
  • Remotely socialise and hold meetings via a Zoom Meeting or Group Invites
  • See/connect to applicable Social Channels.
  • Register as a volunteer, offer and seek support