Take the Steps to Better Health Survey

Your health and wellbeing is impacted by a range of things, and the following questionnaire has been designed to give you insight into what they may be.

People who score 4 or below on any of the first 20 questions often find it helpful to seek support. Once you have completed all of the questions you can request a list of supports and services that you may find helpful.

Click ‘Next’ to confirm that you live in Australia and are aged 18 or over, you have read the below project information, and you consent to take part in the survey.

Council contact:
Debra Anderson, Team Leader Community Development
ph: 8563 8414
email danderson@barossa.sa.gov.au

About the Project
The Barossa Council has partnered with Flinders University and Dr Bill Gransbury to deliver the “Steps to Better Health – Barossa project. The project will use ‘social determinants of health’ such as housing, transport, connections with family and friends, education, mental and physical health, to measure the health and wellbeing of Barossa residents. This information will help us to plan and advocate to governments for the services and supports that residents need to live their best lives.

Participation in the project
Participation in the project involves completing this questionnaire. It includes demographic information, questions about social determinants of health, and questions about your health and wellbeing today. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. You do not need to include your name on the questionnaire, unless you wish to take part in a follow up survey.

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive information about services that you might want to access to address any areas where you need some support.

We anticipate no risks from your involvement in this project. However, if any emotional discomfort is experienced you can access free mental health services through Lifeline by calling them on 13 11 14 or chatting online via lifelineadelaide.org,or through Beyond Blue Support Service by calling them on 1300 22 4636 or chatting online via beyondblue.org.au. If you have any concerns, please raise them with The Barossa Council contact person.

The data from this project will also be used for research purposes by the College of Medicine & Public Health, Flinders University, led by Dr Candice Oster. No identifying information will be provided to the researcher and your confidentiality and anonymity is assured. All information and results obtained in this study will be stored in a secure way, with access restricted to the researchers.